God had something in mind before creating YOU. There was a pressing need that stroke humanity, and God decided to create you to provide solutions to that need. He designed you so perfectly such that ONLY you can handle that problem – your race, lineage, family background, gender, environment, DNA, blood group, genotype, phenotype, temperament, … Continue reading DISCOVER YOUR LIFE’S BLUEPRINT

The Black Global Icon – Philip Emeagwali

The story of this great man is everywhere on the internet, so I’m not going to repeat same old story again. But I would like to share some insights with you about him. Kindly follow my argument keenly… Philip Chukwurah Emeagwali is a Nigerian computer scientist who is well known as the major contributor to … Continue reading The Black Global Icon – Philip Emeagwali

I’m black and INCREDIBLE

I hear a sound…like the mighty ocean. It roars and thunders…One could hear the sound from thousand miles away. I see a battalion of armies marching strongly and vigorously. No man, no power would be able to stop them. Victory is theirs already. I look closely and I see the blacks…oh the dejected and rejected … Continue reading I’m black and INCREDIBLE

Hope for the Black

It’s a new dawn…the darkness diminishes like a vapour that dissipates from a boiling water. The day gradually overtakes. The night took longer than expected; full of darkness, fears and trembling, malignity, subjugation, and pains. I see a quantum beam of light springing forth like a small flower that has longed for growth and exposure, … Continue reading Hope for the Black