God had something in mind before creating YOU. There was a pressing need that stroke humanity, and God decided to create you to provide solutions to that need. He designed you so perfectly such that ONLY you can handle that problem – your race, lineage, family background, gender, environment, DNA, blood group, genotype, phenotype, temperament, character, gifts and talents – everything that make up your being, were all orchestrated by God to equip you to fulfil a particular assignment.

God is the architecture of your life, and He has a well defined detail of who you are, what you are meant to become, and how to get there. Unfortunately, over 98% of the people in the world have no idea the purpose of their existence. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I here?”. You did? That’s awesome. So you’ve got an answer yet? Kudos to you if you got some answers, and correct answers. If you haven’t, I encourage you to go back to the designer (God) who has the road map to your Glorious Destiny. It’s so deplorable to know that the mad man on the street was designed for greatness, that the chain smoker, the lunatic, the criminal, the prostitute, the beggar on the street, the nomad, the absurd, the impotent, were all created to manifest the GLORY of God in one unique way or the other. Something went wrong somewhere, and yeah, they have no clue what they carry on the inside. The very first phase to fulfilling your life’s purpose, is to discover what is the purpose in the first place. There are so many depressed men in the world today, who have given up on life, and Some had taken their lives, because they lacked the knowledge of who they are. The day you discover the howling and jaw-dropping components of your human make up, the exquisite constituent of your personality, and the magnificence of your potentials, you will walk chest out as the King or queen you are.

I gave an analogy while speaking to a group of students some time ago, and I said. A certain young boy travelled to his village with is parents, when he was about 16 years, because they wanted him to know his route. He got there and met a beautiful lady, and in the process impregnate her. They had left to the city before the girl noticed that she had gotten pregnant for this boy. One day, the young girl who had gone through really tough time to raise this boy alone, and still having hard time eating three square meal a day with his son, saw on the TV of a neighbour, 15 years later, that the father of his son was the president of their country. She quickly ran to fetch his son, and showed him his father, pointing to the president. The question is, if you were the boy, what would you do?

I’m sure you answered right. I will find every means possible to get to the city and meet my father, knowing fully well that my status will change afterwards. Remember, the father was already the president, but the boy didn’t know, neither her mother did. You can imagine the son of a president living from hand to mouth. He had no idea who he is. But I can tell you with all assurance that from the day he saw his father, and knew that he is the ruler of his country, his self-esteem went very high.

This is exactly the case for most of us today. We don’t know who we are, and that is because we are yet to discover the one who designed us. Make up your mind today to fight your way to the city to find your Father. And for those of you that already know this great painter and designer that I am talking about, take a personal strong decision to become a person of value – you are not ordinary. Believe in Yourself, Trust God and Trust the Process. Don’t just exist because you live, but live because you exist – Live to validate the purpose of your existence. I mean, let the world know you exist, not because you are alive, but live to make tremendous impact. Discover your giftings, they are pointers to what you came here for. Build them up and be the best at it. Pursue excellence, break grounds, break limits, set records. In your various fields of endeavour, set a mark. Just as a father eagerly expects his child to excel, so does your Maker. Whatever it is that you have been called to be, just go for the best.

Don’t worry… The past, the present, the future, the ugly situations, the good times, the bad times, the failures, the success, the achievements, the disgrace, the heartbreak, the challenges, the ups and downs, the troubles, the pains; I mean all the sweet bitter experiences you had in your path to Greatness, are most likely part of the design, to build you up to that unshakable and high spirited man/woman that will change the world. Stay Focused, Keep the Vision Alive. And if you didn’t get anything, please don’t forget this – Don’t just exist because you live, but live to make tremendous impact. Let the world know, even among the billions of people in the planet, that CHIKA exists.

Much Love!!!


  1. Afolabi Oluwaseyi

    Great man
    I am loving this


  2. Mawuli

    This is an eye opener. I sometimes wonder what my true purpose is in this world.
    I now know how to find it.


  3. Maj Israel

    I’m so inspired
    God keep Blessing and Grant you more insight and wisdom from above more for greater work ahead sir


  4. Thanks guys… Your comments are great encouragements to me. Thanks much


  5. Bwanu

    Wow, this is super amazing.

    Self discovery is expedient just as knowing our origin and the lots more that have been embedded in us.


    1. Yes oo. If everyone can find out as early as possible, Life will be very fulfilling


  6. ennytomi2

    Great one there John! More ink to your pen!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. ennytomi2

    Great writeup! Nothing like living a life of purpose.


    1. Thanks dear. Your comments are encouraging


  8. Ogbonnaya Love

    Thumbs up


  9. Christy pinky

    This is so Amazing sir. I so much love this writeup…
    Every person need to know the purpose of his existence si that he/she can be able to achieve greater things in this life and all this by coming close to the creator. It is your confidence that shows your compitent …
    May God grant you more grace and wisdom..


  10. Christy pinky

    This is so Amazing sir. I so much love this writeup…
    Every person need to know the purpose of his existence so that he/she can be able to achieve greater things in this life and all this by coming close to the creator. It is your confidence that shows your compitent …
    May God grant you more grace and wisdom..


    1. Yes o. Knowing who you are and why you are here is number thing everyone must discover. Amen to all your prayers


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