Benefits of Hard times

Hard time is God’s method of telling humanity that she is too relaxed. You are so endowed with highly relevant and invaluable potentials that can shake the world again. It is not discovered yet, how wonderful you are. God did not deposit all this great gifts and talents in you for nothing. He expects that you use them to make the world a better place. So when you don’t use it, out of his love and discipline, He creates an inconducive environment that puts your brain to use. So buddy, each time life gets tough, and when you receive a lot of disappointments – so many turn downs, put up a smile, and make some inward search. There is either an area you aren’t doing well enough, or there is a potential that needs to be harnessed. That is God’s indication to you that you need to push harder. You would need to sit down, think harder. I remember Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba, one of the richest man in China, and for me, the most amazing CEO ever; he said he applied for job over 30 times and was rejected. It was so bad that he was once the only one rejected for a job offer among tens of people. The obvious truth is, if he had gotten that job he so fought for, he would have been a mere man, and nobody would have heard about him. I believe it was those tough moments that aroused the zeal and passion within him to make tremendous impact. The hard time took his brain and mind a long journey to discover problems and devise solutions to them.

China went through abject poverty and strife in the early 20th century. This gave the nation so much concern, and the leaders were invariably obliged to come together, sit and draft a strategic economy Reformation plan. Today, China has the fastest growing economy of 10% rate per annum. It is so amazing the phenomenal inventions emanating from China. There is no situation that is too heavy. What matters is the mindset with which you face them. Hard times are really good times.

Hard time is also God’s medium for training and grooming up the potentials lying dormant within you. Let me just surprise, ok. I personally have stopped complaining about the ugly plight of my beloved continent, Africa. This is because, I can see clearly, that God has a very amazing agenda for Africa. The tough moments we are going through are here to bring out the best in us. There are so many young people that determined in their hearts to make a difference, as a result of what Africa is going through. The upcoming generation is being motivated to do better. Africa has been too relaxed for a very long time. It’s high time, we started to read in between lines, to decipher God’s message to our generation through this hard time. We need to really engage our minds now. It will stun the world how much more we can do when we start to respond positively to the adverse situations we face currently. When positive and negative energy collide, there is always an explosive sparkling of light. Face the negative situation with a positive mindset, and you will break grounds.

I am not so surprised by how entrepreneurship has been the talk of the day, especially in Africa. So many young minds are resorting to starting up a business. Software startups are on the rise on daily basis. I say to the hustlers out there, keep pressing on. Remain focused and keep the vision alive. The younger ones coming behind us will do amazing things. Hard times are good times, because they bring out the best in us.

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