Africa on the Rise

The world speaks badly about your attitude. You have really been a big shame to us. Your siblings are doing quite well. Even Asia, my last born, has really impressed me unimaginably. I have heard of his inventions and innovations. And how they are gradually taking over the business world. I’m not so surprised anyway, he is my son, and he has to do well – my blood runs through his vein.

But my son Africa! You are my first born, my might, and the beginning of my strength, and the Excellency of my dignity, and the Excellency of my power. I so love you that I have given you my best. I have endowed you with so much splendor and glory, and I have given you all the wisdom, understanding, creativity, power, intellects, wealth, virtue – In fact, all the resources that you need to excel, above your contemporaries, and far above your younger ones.

Each time I think of you, I weep within me, profusely. I ask myself, “Who has bewitched my beloved child? What exactly went wrong along the line?” Where is your strength o my son, Africa? I perceive there are so many invisible hands fighting against you; forces in the universe who say you will never see the light of the day. Oh yeah, they know what you are capable of. They know the magnificent driving force within you – unstoppable. They know the amazing strength that lies within you, and that when you break lose, the earth will shake again.

My son, I have never ceased to pray for you. That you come out of the entanglement and slavery that has so limited you for over 5 centuries. I am aware that you are beginning to make conscious efforts to come out of the dark tunnel. I have heard of how you are striving to rise. It gives me much joy already – the fact that you are beginning to awake from your slumber. But son, hear my words and incline your heart to understanding my counsel. If you must succeed, you have to put away selfishness and greed, bitterness, hatred, wickedness, and any form of anger you have against your siblings. Learn to forgive, love unconditionally, and work in unity.

Keep dreaming big, press on, don’t relent, don’t give up!! Work so hard that you turn your little start up to a gigantic empire. Whatever it is that you are doing, no matter how little, keep moving. With determination, perseverance, positive commitment, discipline, and focus, you will rule your world in no distant time.

I pray for you my son, that you shall prosper. I stir up the innovative spirit within you. I charge up the zeal in you to working tirelessly until you get to the top. The world awaits your manifestation my son. I set you free from whatsoever it is that has kept you bound. God bless Africa!!

2 thoughts on “Africa on the Rise

  1. That’s a nice writeup for Africa, is been disgraceful all these while when you see other “son” as you mentioned moving very rapidly in development and Africa has to rely on them whilst there is so many resources and gift to be at the top.
    So pitiful, but I pray with you that Africa should rise up and restore its glory


    1. Honestly… And our generation would have to act differently


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