I’m black and INCREDIBLE

I hear a sound…like the mighty ocean. It roars and thunders…One could hear the sound from thousand miles away. I see a battalion of armies marching strongly and vigorously. No man, no power would be able to stop them. Victory is theirs already.

I look closely and I see the blacks…oh the dejected and rejected has taken up the challenge. I say to me, ” I’m glad they’ve finally decided to prove the world wrong”. “But what kept you down for so long. Anyway I’m glad you are in for an unprecedented change….A revolutionary movement for incredible impact that would keep the world in a fix, a very long time.

These armies shout unanimously at the top of their voice…birds in the trees terrified by the noise, flies away. Squirrels go on hiding…deaf ears open. Eagles in the highest mountains wonder what’s going on.

They say I’m inferior…I just discovered, I’m incredible. They say I’m less of a human…I just discovered, I’m incredible. They despise my colour…I just discovered, I’m incredible. They say I’m epitome of poverty…I just discovered, I’m incredible. They say I’m a slave…I just discovered, I’m incredible. They say I reason like an animal…I just discovered I’m incredible

I will rise and walk on very high grounds. I will excite the intellectual abilities within me for for innovations and inventions. I will exercise the power of creativity within me to manufacture gigantic machines and systems to solve the world’s problems. I will maximize my superb talents to bless humanity.

Let the birds spread the news all over the world…the change has come. Let the squirrels tell the underneath world that a new incredible generation of blacks has risen. Let the eagles on the mountain top inform the government, and rulers that a new king is born.

I’m a hero…I’m incredible. I’m change agent… I’m the solution the world has long yearned for.

The shout of the armies…”I’m black but incredible!! “

4 thoughts on “I’m black and INCREDIBLE

  1. Iliya Patience Bwanu

    Indeed I’m black but incredible


    1. Yes…our time to prove it is here


  2. Blessing

    Nice content


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