My lost identity

I’m stronger!

I was made to believe that I couldn’t fly. I was encaged with fear and timidity. I would walk down the street with head down, and pathetic countenance. “I ain’t like others”, I said to me. I felt less of a person. Of a truth, nothing around me worked! Maybe I was under a curse. Maybe this is who I am – a failure!!

I was surrounded by poverty and strife. Inferiority complex embraced me with his warm arms and made me feel comfortable around him. I was deserted, and made to feed with pigs. ” you don’t belong hear brother, you stay outside!”. I felt embarrassed and ashamed. Only the intelligent and rich were probably permitted to sit and dine with the king – I’m as good as dull doll.

They captured my mind, and made me lose consciousness of my identity. That was the beginning of my catastrophe; that moment my belief system changed. That moment I lost my self-esteem. That moment I felt useless and unqualified. That moment I felt like a dog among lions. That moment I accepted that I lacked common sense – “black man black sense”. Oh the perjury that birthed my peril!

Where is the warrior in you?

You were made to dominate!

You were crowned with royalty!

Where is that fearlessness and power in you?

You were  designed with so much creativity

You were endowed with exceptional wisdom!

Where have you left your royal apparel?

Who removed your ring of authority!

You are stronger than you believed

4 thoughts on “My lost identity

  1. Wow, you have really inspired me


    1. I’m glad it did inspire you. Let the weak say I am strong


  2. Khristabel Ogbemi

    Wonderful piece there!


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